Bunge – Vénusz Sunflower Oil

Vénusz is a sunflower oil, and margarine brand from Bunge.

In Hungary their oil products are the most popular ones, but until 2016 their online presence was literally missing, so we decided to change this, to gain a broad brand presence overall.

Client – Bunge
Role – Art Direction, Concept and Idea,  Casting, Supervising, UI/UX supervising
Agency – Dentsu

For this we created a recepie page, but with a huge twist, on Vénusz.hu you can search for recipes, but
you can search for your given situation, mood or activity to find inspiration on what to cook for that.

And all of this packed to a site where the overall vibe, the UI and the UX really supports Hungarian moms (and the target group) to easily get the maximum out of it.


We also created a classic campaign to support this and their products, where the main target was to create a campaign which truly reflects the diversity of the consumers, and to show that meals are actually representing a huge part of our social life.

The Image Film

The Frying Oil Film

The Baking Margarine Film

The Buttery Margarine Film


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